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Online Shops That Let Irish Customers Shop in Sterling

Most of the UK based online shops used to just have one version of their website with prices in Pounds.  When Sterling is  weaker against the Euro (like it is now)  – the prices usually work out cheaper when paying online  in Sterling instead of Euros .
In the past couple of years – some of the major shopping sites have started setting up Irish or EU  versions of their websites with prices in Euros. This sounds like  a good thing – but it sometimes means that Irish shoppers can’t take advantage of a stronger Euro. Alongside that – some of the UK sites actually prevent Irish customers from ordering from Ireland  – and force Irish shoppers to use an Irish or EU version of the site.

Here are some of the UK websites that do allow you Irish customers to shop and pay in Sterling

Pretty Little Thing (Clothes)  – Tip , They have a country selector but stick with the UK/ Pounds version for better prices. £3 delivery to Ireland. We saw a dress for £25 that was priced at €35 Euro. That is an exchange rate of 1.4 – in a week when the rate was close to 1.14.

John Lewis – the UK department store deliver most clothing  lines to Ireland. Delivery is £7.50 to Ireland. Prices are all in Pounds and Paypal is also accepted

Asos allow Irish shoppers to shop in Sterling. We saw price of €73.33 for a pair of joggers compared to £55 GBP . That’s an exchange rate of 1.33. Paying with your Irish Visa credit card in Sterling would (on the day we checked) cost €63.19 using a rate of 1.149 plus typical non euro transaction card charges of 2% would come to €64.46 – a saving of  €8.87 or about 12%.

Amazon – is another great UK online shop that allows Irish shoppers to pay in Sterling. They may offer to let you pay in Euros – but don’t bother… the exchange rate will usually be worse than what you will get on your debit/credit card (especially in times of a weakening Pound).

The House of Fraser UK site delivers to Ireland and all items are priced in Sterling. This probably means that everythin online will work out cheaper than buying it in their Dundrum shop. Delivery is free on orders over £50 .

The Book Depository  allow orders to be settled in Sterling for customers in Ireland.  We randomly selected a book and cmpared the prices in Sterling and Euros   The price in Pounds was £9.50 and it was €10.90 Euros. This represents an exchange rate of  1.14 – which is very good.  Because of added card charges for non Euro transactions – Irish customers may be better off paying in Euros on Book Depository.