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Amazon is probably the best known online shopping site in the Western World. There isn’t an website specifically for Ireland – but Irish shoppers can just use the Amazon UK website  because it delivers almost everything to Ireland . ireland
As well as Books, Cds and DVDs – Amazon also deliver Toys , Consoles ,Kindles, Toys, Video Games ,Clothes, Jewellery, Camcorders , Cameras , Computers, Tools , Shoes, kitchen equipment, pushchairs, luggage etc etc. There are very few items that Amazon won’t deliver to Ireland.

Plus : Amazon offer Free super saver delivery to Ireland on all orders over £25.

Important: Only goods sold by or fulfilled by Amazon are included in the free super saver delivery to Ireland on orders over £25. Don’t just assume your delivery will be free – check the final total before paying.

If your Amazon order is under £25 the following charges will apply for delivery to Ireland:

Music / DVD / Blu-ray / Software / Video Games (excluding consoles) – £4.30 per delivery + £1.10 per kg.
Books (includes audio books) – £6.40 per delivery + £1.10 per kg.
Other categories (including Video Games consoles) – £6.40 per delivery + 1.10 per kg.
For any combination of items from the categories listed above the highest “Per Delivery” rate applies. Add the appropriate “per kg” rate as listed above, rounded to the nearest 0.10kg.

You also need to add 21%  VAT to these Delivery charges

amazon ireland delivery

Basically – it makes sense to try make sure your orders at Amazon are always over £25


Amazon employs hundreds of staff in Ireland – in Dublin and Cork. They are the world’s biggest “e-tailer” and seller of its own e-reader device Kindle,