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Online Shops That Let Irish Customers Shop in Sterling

Most of the UK based online shops used to just have one version of their website with prices in Pounds. 
In the past few of years – many of the major UK shopping sites started setting up Irish or EU  versions of their websites with prices in Euros. This sounds like a good thing – but it sometimes meant that Irish shoppers couldn’t take advantage of a stronger Euro.

Brexit has resulted in even more UK websites not delivering to Ireland any more (John Lewis for example) . There may also be customs duty and VAT to pay on delivery if a UK site does not charge it at checkout.

Here are some of the UK websites that do allow Irish customers to shop and pay in Sterling .

With No Hidden Customs Fees

Asos allows Irish shoppers to shop in Sterling.  Just click on the Irish flag at the top and a box will pop up where you can select the currencey.
We saw a dress priced at £35 – but in Euros they were charging €47.99 (Jan 15th 2021) . If you paid with an Irish Visa card – that £35 would end up costing €39.46 EUR – even with bank charges of  80c – it would still be just €40.26 – more than €7 cheaper than if you paid in Euro.

Amazon – is another UK online shop that allows Irish shoppers to pay in Sterling. They may offer to let you pay in Euros – but don’t bother… the exchange rate will be worse than what you will get on your debit/credit card. (especially in times of a weakening Pound).
If you stick to items sold by Amazon you will see any duty at the checkout – but on orders under €150 you will see very little difference in prices.

It is best to use cars from N26 or Revolut to avoid currency fees.