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Buy Alli Online in Ireland

Alli slimming pills are available to buy online in Ireland

Alli is a weight loss product that contains a substance called orlistat which is a clinically proven, evidence –based weight loss treatment. Alli is now available without a prescription . It works by preventing the absorption of about 25% of consumed fat. The undigested fat passes naturally out of the body in the stools.

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alli ireland

The Alli slimming pill is not a quick fix, it’s for overweight people who realise there is no such thing as a miracle pill/diet and who accept that a healthy diet and physical activity are the foundations of weight loss and weight maintenance. In fact Alli only works when users are willing to make changes to their lifestyle habits and adopt a healthy diet. There are common side effects – especially if high-fat diets are continued. These include Wind (flatulence), with or without oily spotting, Sudden bowel motions, Fatty or oily stools, Soft stools