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Toys R Us Ireland

Toys “R” Us say they are the World’s leading Baby Care and Toy Megastore with over 1500 stores worldwide in 33 countries. Thay used to have some shops in Ireland – but these were closed in 2016.

Toys “R” Us was founded in the UK in 1985 . They sell Toys, Baby care, Video Games, Multimedia PCs, Bikes and Outdoor fun products

Babies “R” Us As well as toys they also sell a wide range of baby equipment such as cots, , car seats, bedding, buggies, nappies and baby food.

At ToysRus you can also buy Apple I-Pods ,TVs, DVDs, keyboards ,Cameras,  Laptops  , games consoles and games from Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft

There is no website – but delivery to Ireland is available from the ToysRUS UK Site – it costs £4.95 per order with free delivery when you spend £30 or more.

You can probably get just as good prices from Smyths Toys Irish Website

At Toys R Us – some items are not available for delivery to Ireland – these are highlighted within the individual product details.
toys r us ireland delivery

Paypal is Accepted at ToysRus

Instructions for Delivery to Ireland

1.  When entering your daytime telephone number, do not enter the international dialling code, only enter your local area code and landline phone number, e.g. 01640 1111.

2. To enter your Billing Address, select “Enter Address manually”.

3.  Enter the billing address, but enter country as Republic of Ireland and leave the postcode blank and select “Complete Registration”.
4. Enter your card billing address, but use the town and postcode as below –

Building name/number:   house number

Street (line 1):    Your street
Town:                   Your  Town
Country:              Republic of Ireland
Postcode:           (blank)

5. Enter your payment details.
6. To enter the Delivery Address select “Add new address” and then select “Enter address manually”  Use   country code ‘Republic of Ireland’. and leave the postcode blank.

Enter your delivery address in the manner highlighted below

Address name:  Home
Building name/number: House number
Street (line 1):    Your street
Street (line 2):    Your area/town
Country:              Republic of Ireland

Or maybe – for less hassle just go to Smyths ?