Parcel Motel – How it Works

The Good News : Online shopping in Ireland is easier now than it was a few years ago. There are more online shops that will deliver to Ireland and there are more Irish based shops delivering here. Delivery charges for Irish delivery have been falling over recent years – with some online shops charging the same for delivery to Ireland as UK delivery.

The Bad News : There are still a few big name shops that don’t deliver to Ireland and there are a few online sites where delivery charges to Ireland are still very expensive. Also – some of the prices of goods in Euros on the Irish sites are more expensive than the same stuff on the equivalent UK site.

There is a way around some of the problems with shops not allowing delivery to Ireland – and ways to get cheaper delivery to Ireland and cheaper prices.

One way is to use a company called Parcel Motel. They are part of the Nightline group – a well established courier delivery company in Ireland. By using their Northern Ireland address for your online orders you can take advantage of cheaper or even free UK delivery and lower sterling prices. Parcel Motel will then forward the delivery to one of their lockers which are located in shops and garages in most main cities and towns in Ireland. Their delivery charge is €3.95 (on top of any charge made by the retailer for UK delivery.)

How it Works: You first register with Parcel Motel , and get a unique id number . Then when you order goods online you enter the Parcel Motel address in Northern Ireland – which will qualify for free or lower priced UK delivery on most sites.
Parcel Motel have several pick up points all over Ireland – and they will deliver your order to the pick up location of your choice. This service costs €3.95. (Prices are higher for bigger parcels) . It also means you don’t have to wait in all day for a delivery. Some people use it mainly for that reason.

Using Parcel Motel It means you can get deliveries to Ireland from many UK  websites that don’t deliver to Ireland. It also means you can get cheaper delivery in some cases.
There will be many online shopping sites where using Parcel Motel will not always be cheaper – such as Amazon , Dorothy Perkins , House of Fraser

It might not work in 100% of cases – for example some UK online shops may not accept a billing address in Ireland (but if they take Paypal you might be OK) See our list of sites that take Paypal .

An Post also run a similar service called AddressPal  This costs €3.50 and they will deliver a parcel from a UK  retailer or eBay seller to your nearest Post Office. (This is on top of any UK website delivery charges)