Betterware Ireland

Betterware had been around since 1928 and was one of the UK and Ireland’s most successful home shopping companies. But –  in 2018 they went out of business.

The growth of online competion from the likes of Amazon  has reduced sales at Betterware and they were no longer profitable.

Betterware were probably best known for their wide range of Homeware , Housecare and cleaning products, time saving and labour saving products that when you see them . you find yourself saying “That’s a good idea, I must get one of those!”
Did you ever think you would want a banana storage bag to stop your bananas from ripening too quickly and making other fruit go off?
How about an insect screen to keep flies out when you open a window? Or a tissue box cover ? Or a long handled toe cleaner ! What about bamboo socks to stop sweaty feet?