Betterware Ireland

Betterware has been around since 1928 and is now one of the UK and Ireland’s most successful home shopping companies. But – you don’t have to wait for a catalogue anymore now you can shop online at the Betterware Shop .

They deliver to Ireland – and there is no delivery charge on orders over £35. Paypal accepted too.

Betterware is probably best known for their wide range of Homeware , Housecare and cleaning products, their range has grown over the years. You can also buy gifts, personal care, mobility and beauty products , as well as outdoor and electrical gadgets.
Betterware sell things that you never knew existed. Time saving and labour saving products that when you see them . you find yourself saying “That’s a good idea, I must get one of those!”

The Betterware website sells some online exclusive products that are not available in the betterware catalogues.
Did you ever think you would want a banana storage bag to stop your bananas from ripening too quickly and making other fruit go off?
How about an insect screen to keep flies out when you open a window? Or a tissue box cover ? Or a long handled toe cleaner ! What about bamboo socks to stop sweaty feet?  All these and more can be found on the Betterware website.